The crux of a documentary – The Hunters by John Marshal

The Hunters by John Marshal

This documentary, “The Hunters” by the anthropologist John Marshall, on the people of the Dobe Ju’hoansi, begins by locating their area in the Kalahari Desert which is surrounded by dry and vast lands, with scarce sources for water, which comes from the little rainfall in the winter, or some from the water holes that hold rain from previous seasons. The documentary shows how the tribe interacts with each other, and how they divide work and labor according to gender. The females will dig up wild roots, nuts, and look for…

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China looking to collect samples from silver sphere’s far side

Silver sphere's far side of moon

Chinese astronauts, researchers, and engineers are considering collecting the data and samples from the far side of the moon by sending their robotic probes. The robotic probes will collect rocks and dust from the silver sphere’s far side, which never faces Earth. The deputy director of the China National Space Administration, Wu Yanhua, claimed that Russia, US, and China have previously successfully managed to bring lunar substances back to earth. But, now it is the first time that China is looking forward to moving one step ahead to explore and…

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