5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins – Book Summary

5 Second Rule book summary

Mel Robbins is the author of the book 5-Second Rule. She tells the whole story of how she wrote this marvellous book by highlighting the struggles she had in her life. Mel was unhappy about the life she had. She always tried to change herself and thought about waking up earlier and the next day when the alarm sounded she just pressed the snooze button and won’t wake up. The author wanted to get fit and wanted to do exercise, but she was fond of wine and could not get rid of the addiction. She was jobless and her husband’s business was a loss and collapsed after a while.

One night she saw a show on t.v. and it just changed her entire life. A trick that brought the changes she always wanted. The next day after using the trick she was able to wake up earlier and start running and exercising and got rid of the wine addiction. And very soon she became a world-famous speaker and bestselling author and got a job as a T.V commentator at CNN. She then with her husband paid all their loans and saved the restaurant business they had. She wrote her own book and became a great speaker.

The Key Takeaways From The Book Are given below.

Figuring Out What Actually 5-Second Rule Is? And how it works

It all seemed to be working for her like it was a dream but what actually did she see on T.V. that night. It was a program of NASA when a rocket was about to launch. Before a rocket launches, there is a count down like 5,4,3,2,1 and they don’t move backwards no matter what the rocket is launched.

Mel Robbins started using this trick in her life. When she was not able to wake up she used the trick. When lying on the bed the counted down and when she reached 1 she immediately woke up. She then used the same trick for going to exercise when she did not feel to go for it. And when she wanted to drink wine, again the count-down trick helped her.

This count down acts as a cue for the brain as everyone knows when we count down till 1 our brain thinks. There is something coming after 1 that’s the trick.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Get rid of A bad habit

This count down can act as a universal cue. Psychologists have said about the golden rule of habits they say to get rid of a bad habit and replace it with a good habit. To get into control of things. When Mel Robbins did not want to drink wine she started replacing it with exercise or going for a walk with the 5-Second Rule.

Courage, Become The Happiest Person You Know

We are all afraid of uncertainty and fear of even trying something we always wanted to do but feared of failure. But to play any game one must start playing. Courage to start something that you feared to start because of the failure fear.

Inner Wisdom

Whenever you set a goal for yourself your brain tells you about the list of things you have to do and when you get closer to your goal your brain triggers you to do that specific thing.

Suppose you want to get fit and see a fit person in a gym your brain immediately tells u to do the workout to get fit. This is what the inner wisdom looks like and whenever this situation comes up start the magical trick of counting down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and that’s it.

Try Becoming The Most Productive Person

One of the major struggles a person has when it’s about being the most productive is the distraction he faces. Mel Robbins tells us to limit those distractions and start doing the work that is to be done timely. With the help of the 5-Second rule start putting in the effort and kick out the procrastination that is stopping you from moving forward and taking control of everything in your life.

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