A six-person space shuttle in a Blue Origin passenger rocket

A six-person space shuttle in a Blue Origin passenger rocket

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’s rocket company Blue Origin sent five people to the edge of space, including Michael Strain, host of the American channel. The US host was accompanied on Saturday by Lara Shepard Churchill, the eldest daughter of US astronaut Alan Shepard.

The company’s new rocket was named after Shepard. He was the first American to fly in space and the fifth to walk on the moon. The other four passengers included space industry executive and philanthropist Dylan Taylor, investor Avon Dick, Base Ventures founder Lane Base and content creator Cameron Base.

According to Blue Origin, Lane and Cameron are the first father-son pair to go into space. The New Shepherd Rocket took off from launch site One in West Texas. The six astronauts experienced weight loss for a few minutes 62 miles above the ground. After the safe return of the passengers, Blue Origin tweeted ‘And, the capsule came down! Welcome back to Earth, # NS19. Lara, Michael, Avon, Dylan, Cameron and Lane ‘

The company also tweeted that a great mission from launch site one. Congratulations to Team Blue for making today’s flight a success. Blue Origin did not comment on ticket prices for the launch. A set for the company’s first human flight in New Shepherd went up for auction in June for 80 28 million.

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