Ahmed Shahzad asks for the report that ruined his cricket career

Ahmed Shahzad Asks For The Report That Ruined His Cricket Career

Ahmed Shahzad the test cricketer speaking to the media in Lahore said that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) should publicize the report on him which he thinks was the reason for him being dropped from Pakistan Cricket Team.

Shahzad also said that the report that was submitted to the PCB by the management in the past had proved to be detrimental to his cricket career and had a negative impact on it.

Ahmed Shahzad looks for the report that destroyed his career

The Test Cricketer also said that his image and reputation were severely damaged in that report given to PCB by the previous management and misrepresented to my fans. Further adding he said the report should be clarified whatever it is in the report.

Ahmed Shahzad also said that he has heard about that report many times but has never seen it, he said he tried many times to see what was written in it but he claims he failed to do so.

Let the people know about my mistakes. He even went on to say that even he does not know what did he do wrong. These were the words of the test cricketer Ahmed Shahzad.

He also talked about the series that was played against Australia where he was dropped just after two matches accusing the management of not giving him the full chance. He also added that he was unaware of the reason why he was not called for the conditioning camp.

During the time of 2015-16 when Waqar Younis was the head coach of the team. A report was submitted where the coach talked about Ahmed Shehzad’s behavior and suggested keeping him away from the Pakistan Cricket Team as he said it was best for the team.

Ahmed Shahzad was also ignored and did not feature in the recent edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Seeking the answers he inquired why were efforts made to corner him.

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