Ahsan Khan’s new movie song is accused of copying from Bollywood

Ahsan khan and Ayesha Omer

Ahsan khan and Ayesha Omer both are exemplary shining stars in the Pakistani industry. They have seen together in their upcoming new comedy film ‘rehbra’. Ayesha Omer is not just known for exemplary performance, but also her fashion sense has made people her fan. She has also been into the songs composing and singing and has sung a few songs, which were loved by her fans.

Ahsan khan on the other side started her career in 1998 in the Pakistani dramas industry and has now upgraded his work in film and TV shows. He has been winning the hearts of his fans since the day he started his career.

Their upcoming film REHBRA has released their new song. And their fans have been loving their song since then, except for some of the netizens who called out that the songs were the master copy of the Bollywood song MERE HATH MAY TERA HATH HO. From the wardrobe to the background, everything was copied from the Bollywood song.

Pakistani fans call it inspiration which was taken from Bollywood. Inspiration always makes the game strong. Because it shows how much a person is dedicated to their work. Hence Pakistani fans are still liking the work so far. The rest of the assumptions would be out soon when the movie will be released.

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