Amazon drone deliveries program finding ways to work-out

Amazon drone deliveries program

Amazon has spent a significant budget and put the multi-million worth of employees’ efforts, but, the dream of the Amazon drone delivery program yet struggles to take off the grounds.

Bloomberg has reported that Amazon’s drone delivery program has been facing obstacles and they are now hampering the efforts of the company to get their program off the grounds. During all these efforts, Amazon has faced a significant amount of employees turnover rate along with the potential safety risks that have made things complex for management to take things on a serious note.

Bloomberg claims that Amazon faced five crashes of their drones in the last four months while they were testing the program at Amazon testing site in Pendleton, Oregon. One of these crashes took place while the drone lost its propeller. According to Bloomberg, Amazon management removed the wreckages and all possible evidence before they could have appeared on the hot lists of Federal Aviation Administration Investigation. But the spokesperson at Amazon, Av Zammit, made it disputed saying that the company have followed the orders passed on by the concerned institution i.e. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Furthermore, he also added that the company also documented the event and move the drone as per the guidelines of NTSB.

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One of the drones in the following month had fount to got a technical issue and its motor was shut off while the drone was switched from an upward flight path to flying straight. This led to causing two major violations by Amazon drone deliveries program testing team. The first error they made by not landing the drone in this type of situation and the second violation they made by not stabilizing the drone. As a result, the drone was dropped from 160 feet after flipping upside down and caused a brush fire that extended to 25 acres until it was put out by the local fire department.

In response, the FAA said,  “Instead of a controlled descent to a safe landing, [the drone] dropped about 160 feet in an uncontrolled vertical fall and was consumed by fire,”.

In 2013, Jeff Bezos, the former Amazon CEO, first announced that Amazon will deliver the package in 30-minutes with the help of a drone at doorsteps. But, it’s been almost 10 years that people still dream to receive their Amazon packages by drones in 30-minutes.

It was the first time that Amazon went to preview a redesign of its Prime Air delivery drone in 2019. According to experts, The Prime Air delivery drone can fly vertically. But, the promises went unfulfilled.

In 2021, the Wired reported that Amazon drone deliveries program is also facing dent and problems in UK as well. Though, they made their first-ever successful delivery through drone near Cambridge in 2016. Interestingly, the Wired reports are much similar to that reported by Bloomberg and even the Verge. It was reported that Amazon is facing an employee turnover rate as well as potential risk involvement factors in UK as well related to the Amazon drone deliveries program. It was learned that in a UK-based facility that analyses the drone footage for people and animals, one of the workers of Amazon held down the “Approved” button on their operating system without knowing significant evidence of the hazards in the footage. Another incident was reported by Wired saying that one of the workers reportedly drank beer on the job as well. This indicates that Amazon is having big difficulties taking off its Amazon drone deliveries program.

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