Amazon extension strategy to US, China, and Western Europe

Amazon extension strategy

In order to analyze the cultural impact on the business procedure of Amazon extension strategy, Hofstede’s cross-cultural model shall be taken into consideration. The Hofstede score of China is indicative of the prevalence of individualism with a score of 20. On the other hand, US society showcases the score to be 91 indicating that it is an individualistic country – Hofstede-insights (2022). This would have a huge impact on customer buying decisions and behaviour as the collectivist society in China would influence the group decision-making of the customers.

On the other hand, in the US, people would take their personal preferences into account during buying products from Amazon. Similarly, with a score of 55, Western Europe is also an individualistic country resulting in individual decision-making. While devising a code of practice, the focus of Amazon should be on ethical values and mission which should focus on customer needs assessment, customer orientation, and satisfaction which could help in prioritizing the needs of customers in every step. As influenced by researchers, there should also be employee management and ethical practices as part of which the employees should be kept motivated. There can be the implementation of performance appraisal and motivational strategies to boost the confidence of the employees and enhance their performance for organizational growth.

Like the case of Amazon, it is a multinational corporation having its branches spread out in most parts of the world. It is a giant and a prominent figure in the e-commerce sector.  The basic recommendation to Amazon would be that the compare the parts of Western Europe and North America have much more restrictions on the Internet and its based product usage.

So the company needs more retail stores in those areas rather than having an online e-trade sector. These areas are the ones in which social and cultural trade comes into play. The residents of these areas are not known to use phones or laptops on a day-to-day basis. The company can motivate the employees to set up stores and perform the daily activities in those areas. However, in terms of employee motivation, the company still needs to amend certain features.

Company has always been known to put extra work pressure on their employees so that the company could achieve more. This should not be the case as the employees of Amazon have reported being to be not having a proper work-life balance that deserves the proper activity in the company as well. Most of the Amazon workers have reported also that they receive less compensation as compared to other companies and have been shifting their entire putting their enthusiasm from Amazon to a different organization.

The company has been resilient in providing more value ring more balances in terms of leaves or money to the employees. The company has also been known to disrupt the ethnicities and the basic workflow of the areas. In the areas of USA Western Europe and China, most of the residents have surveyed that the company is having a negative image in terms of a multinational corporation. 

This is due to the fact the company has recruited many locals to work in the same areas. The employees are being completely harassed in terms of work due to the long shift hour low leaves and denial of basic pay.

The company needs to formulate and regulate certain improvisations in its managerial hierarchy. The company also needs to look after its employees and the workforce working for them as they are the ones who are been serving the company with huge profits and making huge gains. If a workforce of a company is properly taken care of then the company would prosper and make more profits in the long run.

Evaluating a company like Amazon in terms of wealth and equity in the International segment it can be said that the company needs to re-amend its policies against the employees so that they may be motivated to work efficiently and effectively.

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