The loyalty programs employed by Apparel Group UAE

The loyalty programs employed by Apparel Group UAE

Apparel Group is a multinational conglomerate working on retailing global fashion and lifestyle. Apparel group caters to millions of customers every day through its more than 1750 megastores all around the globe. Apparel group has a contract with over 75 top brands from the US, UAE, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Including leading brands in the categories of footwear, fashion, and lifestyle. There is more than 17000 diverse workforce working for the conglomerate.

Apparel group has shown a strong presence not only in the markets of UAE, but it has also shown a strong presence in the markets of other Gulf States as well like Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. The company has now extended its operations out of the Gulf States as well. Now it’s also operational in major markets of India, South Africa, Malaysia, and in some European countries as well. Looking forward to a great opportunity, the company is also looking forward to some recently hot and rapidly emerging economies like Pakistan, Hungary, and Egypt and is expected to be operational there as well soon.

Loyalty Programs at Apparel Group UAE      

Apparel group is currently providing a loyalty program through one of the latest and extremely flexible card-less reward systems called ‘club apparel’. Which is a mobile application that works on the latest technology called NFC (Near Field Communication) it’s connected with the help of an individual’s mobile numbers on a distinctive device system which makes it more secure and simple to use. Customers can purchase from any store of Apparel group in the Gulf States and can scan the bar code provided on their purchase voucher to get bonus points which they can redeem on their next purchase. The loyalty card, schemes, and gift cards that have been provided by the Apparel group are discussed.

Club Apparel

Club Apparel is a type of loyalty program being provided by the Apparel group to its loyal customers. “No card only reward” is the tag line that which company use for its club apparel program. This program is based on 3 tiers silver, gold, and black tier. Each tier includes different reward points and benefits. All these tiers are made in a way to attract customers to go for more purchases to get more rewards. Club Apparel works from a mobile device to scan a bar or QR code which will add the reward points into the mobile application of the particular customer directly his/her app. That points can be used again when these customers are back for repurchase.

Vouchers & Gift Card

Apparel provides different categories of vouchers under the loyalty program. These vouchers differentiate on the basis of the loyalty level of the customers to the company. These vouchers are named as follows:

Brand / Bank Tie Up & Other Tie-Up:

This voucher is being provided by Apparel Group and is valid for 6 months only and can be reused by any of the Apparel branches all around the world.

Apparel Group Voucher:

Apparel provides this type of voucher as the type of loyalty program for a single transaction only and the company has kept it valid for a month date year.

YOUGOTAGIFT (E-Etisalat) – Voucher:

This voucher has no expiry date and can be redeemed from any Apparel group outlet or online shop from the date mentioned on the voucher.

Gulf News – Voucher:

This voucher can be used until the expiry date given on the voucher.

Apparel Gift Card:

This voucher is used as the method of payment for purchasing any product or service from the Apparel Group and customers can only top up the balance up to 50 AED

6thstreet.Com – Voucher:

This voucher is only valid for the online purchase from the Apparel Group’s online shopping store 6thstreet. And valid for 6 months only from the date of issuance 

The article is meant to shed light on the effectiveness of loyalty programs employed by Apparel Group UAE. The core objective is to find the loyalty programs, explaining these programs that are employed by Apparel Group UAE which are actually used as an effective tool for customer retention.

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