Australia: New legislation for social media hints

New legislation for social media hints

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hinted at new legislation to allow social media companies to provide details of users who make offensive comments. According to the British News Agency, the Australian government is reviewing the responsibilities of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, the social networking sites related to defamatory content on their websites.

The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison said during a televised media briefing that legislation would be enacted to provide details of users who made offensive comments to social media outlets. “People online should not be unrestrained where people harm people while remaining anonymous,” he said.

The report said the new law would introduce a grievance redressal mechanism under which anyone who thinks that social media has been tarnished or their dignity has been tarnished will be removed from the platform. May require removal of content. In this regard, it was further stated that if the content is not withdrawn in any case after this, the social media platform may be forced to provide the details of the commentator through court proceedings.

The Australian prime minister added that the online companies operating the digital platforms should have a proper strategy for removing the content.
It should be noted that this decision of the government came after the decision of the Australian High Court which said that publishers can be held responsible for public comments on online forums.

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