Babar-Rizwan Duo – How Pakistan Team stack-up in ICC Men’s T20 WC 2022

Babar-Rizwan Duo

The eighth ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournament is scheduled to be played in Australia in October and November of 2022. Originally, the tournament was to be held in 2020 but due to covid-19 restrictions, it was not possible for ICC to start the tournament in time. So, later on, it was decided that the tournament will be held in Australia in 2022. In this tournament, Pakistan will also shine with the possible opening pair of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan commonly known as Babar-Rizwan duo. This Pakistani opening pair…

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The current huge drop in prices failed to resist Cryptocurrency mining – Why?

Rise of Cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency mining is still rising and it seems that investors have still got big confidence after an unprecedented loss in its prices overall. Looking at the facts, the sudden drop of Luna and UST shook the market upsitdown. But, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of other digital currencies are still being traded and mined at a large scale by their respective investors and institutions. This is despite the fact that their prices have dropped by more than 50% in recent months. The reason for this is that people continue to…

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The launch of Standard Chartered Bank’s cohort 4 programme SCWomeninTech

SCWomeninTech initiative by SCB

Karachi | 18 May 2022 | Hamariweb news desk | Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in the collaboration with INNOVentures Global (Pvt.) Limited has launched a cohort 4 programme named SCWomeninTech. SCWomeninTech is a tech initiative by SCB aimed to empower women and help Pakistan address gender disparity in the technology sector. Standard Chartered Women in Technology will also help women to learn to use the technology so that to face emerging social challenges they’re facing in recent times related to gaining excellence in the entrepreneurship activities and initiatives that they…

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China looking to collect samples from silver sphere’s far side

Silver sphere's far side of moon

Chinese astronauts, researchers, and engineers are considering collecting the data and samples from the far side of the moon by sending their robotic probes. The robotic probes will collect rocks and dust from the silver sphere’s far side, which never faces Earth. The deputy director of the China National Space Administration, Wu Yanhua, claimed that Russia, US, and China have previously successfully managed to bring lunar substances back to earth. But, now it is the first time that China is looking forward to moving one step ahead to explore and…

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Amazon drone deliveries program finding ways to work-out

Amazon drone deliveries program

Amazon has spent a significant budget and put the multi-million worth of employees’ efforts, but, the dream of the Amazon drone delivery program yet struggles to take off the grounds. Bloomberg has reported that Amazon’s drone delivery program has been facing obstacles and they are now hampering the efforts of the company to get their program off the grounds. During all these efforts, Amazon has faced a significant amount of employees turnover rate along with the potential safety risks that have made things complex for management to take things on…

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PTI supporters in USA hope to see their leader return with more powers

PTI supporters record protest in USA

Washington – USA | Hamariweb News Desk | 11 – April – 2022 | PTI supporters in USA gathered and protested peacefully outside the Brookfield Plaza in Northern Virginia in support of their loved skipper, former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s exit. They chanted, “Imran will return, with more powers”, “Unacceptable, unacceptable”. The PTI supporters in USA chanted this when one of the journalists came across the protest and asked one of the protesters to know what is unacceptable to the crowd? The answer was recorded as they want…

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The Rise of China’s Digital Yuan: What Does This Mean For The Future Of Currency?

Digital Yuan mobile Wallet App

Beijing – April 03, 2022 | Hamari Web News Desk | China is expanding its digital yuan pilot program to more domestic cities. The program, which allows people to use the digital yuan for activities such as shopping and dining, has been successful in over 10 places across the country. Recently, Beijing and Zhangjiakou were added to the program after being tested during the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Various modes of application have taken shape in the wholesale and retail, catering, tourism and payment of administrative fees industries.…

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