Clearview Al was fined for illegally storing facial images

Clearview Al Technological company

Facial recognition technology is growing increasingly popular, with companies using it to identify people in photos and videos. This type of technology can be particularly powerful, as it can identify people even if they are wearing a disguise. It is used in Clearview Al company. Clearview Al is the latest company to face scrutiny for its use of facial recognition technology. Earlier this year, Facebook was fined $5 billion by the US’s privacy regulator for improperly collecting data from millions of users.  The company gathers images from the internet to…

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What is Edge computing and why you must need to know about it?

What is Edge computing?

Cloud computing, which was formerly considered a cutting-edge technological trend, has now gone mainstream, with major companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform dominating the industry. As more organizations transition to a cloud solution, cloud computing use continues to rise. However, it is no longer a new technology trend. Edge computing is the use of computing resources near the user, rather than in centralized data centres. These resources can be located on devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, or even embedded in physical objects…

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These three metaverse coins you must need to watch this year

metaverse coins

It’s been more than a year that people have rebounded from the COVID19’s punch. People are now working hard to recoup what they lost in last two to three years. In a stunning change of events, investors this year used just about every disadvantage and setback to their advantage as they boldly explored new investment routes to a world of opportunity. While cryptocurrency and bitcoin may be used to make purchases, most people consider it a long-term investment. However, because cryptocurrency is volatile, it’s crucial to understand before investing what…

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