Top 5 Countries to visit in 2021

Are you planning your next vacation? Will this be the place you have already visited (and loved) or the brand new destination? You have our selected lists of the top ten countries in the world. United Arab Emirates The UAE has become synonymous with city breaks and family holidays. With easy access from all over the world, it is not surprising that this country has become a reference point for tourists from all over the world. The high-tech cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the center of attention for…

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Top 10 most beautiful places in Pakistan

most beautiful places in pakistan

It is difficult to imagine a more beautiful landscape than the rugged peaks, hidden villages and plains of Pakistan. Pakistan’s 10 Most Beautiful Places, from Wild Mountain Routes and Unreal Lakes, to Mosques and Ancient Forts. The Western media may try to tell you, but trust me Pakistan is an extraordinary country. Think of the famous mountain peaks, the green and turquoise valleys of emeralds, the deserts full of remnants of ancient civilization and not even half of it. One thing is for sure: Of course Pakistan is a beautiful…

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