Clearview Al was fined for illegally storing facial images

Clearview Al Technological company

Facial recognition technology is growing increasingly popular, with companies using it to identify people in photos and videos. This type of technology can be particularly powerful, as it can identify people even if they are wearing a disguise. It is used in Clearview Al company.

Clearview Al is the latest company to face scrutiny for its use of facial recognition technology. Earlier this year, Facebook was fined $5 billion by the US’s privacy regulator for improperly collecting data from millions of users. 

The company gathers images from the internet to create a global facial recognition database.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says that breaches UK data protection laws.

It has ordered the firm to stop obtaining and using the personal data of UK residents.

According to the ICO, the corporation has accumulated more than 20 billion facial photographs internationally. Clearview AI harvests publicly shared photos from Facebook, Instagram, and other sites, frequently without the platform’s knowledge or consent.

The UK Information Commissioner, John Edwards, stated: “The Corporation not only identifies those individuals but also successfully monitors their behavior and sells it as a service. That is really inappropriate.”

“People expect that their personal information will be respected, regardless of where their data is utilized,” Edwards stated.

The ICO stated that Clearview AI Inc no longer provided services to UK organizations, but that the firm continued to utilize the personal data of UK people since it had customers in other countries.

The ICO warned the firm in November 2021 that it may face a punishment of up to £17 million, about £10 million more than it has already been compelled to pay.

France, Italy, and Australia, the United Kingdom have become the fourth country to pursue enforcement action against the company.

It also found the firm had requested additional personal information, including photos, when asked by members of the public if they are on their database.

The ICO’s action comes after a joint investigation with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Edwards also said that the tech corporation is needed to protect people’s privacy rights and keep that among higher priorities.

He further added, “That means working with regulators in other countries, as we did in this case with our Australian colleagues.”

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