DARPA will launch the first space manufacturing research program

DARPA will launch the first space manufacturing research program

The Defending Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will explore ways of bio-manufacturing using biological systems in space in its new program.Led by DARPA’s Office of Biological Technologies, the project is called B-SURE, which means Bio-Manufacturing, Survival, Utility and Reliability Beyond Earth. Project Manager Annie Chewer said in a news release that the B-SURE program is a groundbreaking study that explores the evolution of microbes in the space environment.

“Hopefully, this technology will enable the production of molecules in space for space flights,” he added. Bio-manufacturing is an emerging sector in the biotechnology industry in which microorganisms, animal and plant cells are used to make products. DARPA believes that this capability will be important in future space military operations.

In a board agency announcement, DARPA said, “B-SURE will conduct research on the possibilities of bio-manufacturing in space.” The announcement added that the US Department of Defense needs to continue expanding its manufacturing capabilities in orbit to ensure supply chain flexibility, technological superiority and East security and repair for current and future operations.

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