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The dilemma of jungle jurisprudence – Hamariweb – With the fall of autumn, the season of elections began. There was an abstruse dilemma among the inhabitants of the jungle. They were perplexed about whether they ought to prefer Leerat, a fierce lion branding himself the undisputed king of the jungle, or to bring Ogaarx – a champion of preserving the rights of herbivores, into the mainstream.

Various campaigns occurred to decide the fate of both species. However, none of them reached an assessment until the day Lion himself went on the summit of “the Rock of Royalty” and declared an agreement for the Ogaarx. The lion did so because his frequent blunders including abrupt raids on the community of Zebras and conceding with Scavengers to hunt in his region had sparked a wave of rejections. He, somehow, managed to call a meeting with Ogaarx and coaxed him to let the Lion fight without being competed.

The success of the deal brought about anger among the wild animals dependent on other species for their food. Lariat delegated his minister Sizzaro to arrange a secretive meeting with chiefs of flesh-eating animals to ensure that the announcement of His Highness Lariat was but a lollipop to quiet the green mouths of grass-eaters. They eulogized the cunning strategy of the lion and prepared themselves to vote for Leerat in elections.

Elections happened and the result was more favorable than Lariat had expected. He beat Ogaarx in 94 constituencies out of 97. In celebration, no tail was allowed not to dance. Orgy across the jungle was held where Leerat and his company did everything e.g. tearing neonatal babies of animals from the neck, forcing peacocks to make their victory more amusing by dancing and repeating their marriage nights, and so on. Encapsulating speaking, he breached every pledge he had made during election time.

The dilemma of jungle jurisprudence – Introducing the new law

After a few days, when he got free from celebrations, he introduced a law – a principle obligating all animals to appear before him whenever he dictated any of them. No one had the right to inquire about the reason for calling him/her. It, from the perspective of Lariat, is meant to keep a record of every animal so that accountability remains no more a daunting task. In reality, it left everyone dejected as comfort and a sense of individuality had been snatched from them. They could be ordered at any time to be present outside his den.

No sooner had six months passed than he began to have concealed meetings with Scavengers. He allowed them to hunt any animal they wanted. Their territory also extended dramatically. In return, they offered the lion ephemeral support to permanently rule the jungle. Such a heinous act by a lion violated the dignity of animals and threatened their security.

In the same manner, a series of laws was passed unilaterally by Lerner and his company. The laws benefited him as much as they could and ruined the whole jungle as mercilessly as they could.

Seeing no other alternative, all animals united and believed that it was time to tear the flesh of the lion with his teeth. The whole jungle plotted to entrap Lariat with the help of Sizzaro. Sizzaro demands lavish luxuries and privileges in response to selling his trust. The depressed and option-less community agreed with the wants of the fox. His demands being met, Sizzaro instantly agreed as he was immensely greedy. He vowed to trick Leraat to bring him to the battlefield next to “The rock of royalty”. On a fine Sunday morning, Sizzaro beguiled Leerat and brought him to the battlefield for hunting fresh-blooded deer. Reaching the ground, Leerat found it empty and sensed that something fatal was about to happen to him.

Suddenly, hundreds of animals hiding behind the rocks started running towards him. He made up his mind not to flee but to fight and started so. But his sharp nails, sharky teeth, and unnerving shouts went vain. Simultaneously, all animals attacked him, piercing their teeth, horns, and whatnot into him. The bird of life left his body and the animals of the jungle, ultimately, took a sigh of relief.

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