Earn from Facebook videos in Pakistan

Earn from Facebook videos

The accurate information for Facebook customers is that Earn from Facebook films will now be monetization in Pakistan as well.

In an interview with SAMAA journalist Zaheer Ali Khan, the Ministry of Information Technology tested Facebook’s decision.

That has been said with the aid of using officials. A check initiative might be released first with the aid of using Facebook. For the motive of video monetization. Earn cash from Facebook films, and if the pilot task’s consequences are better, we’ll launch a video monetization policy.

control has said that the warfare with marketplace members is severe, and that the primary pilot task could be launched to combat with YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

According to the Ministry of IT, instantaneously video monetization may be a chance due to the fact the tendency of customers to add films on Facebook is much less and Facebook control additionally has reservations approximately the regulatory framework in Pakistan.

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