Former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh’s brother killed by Taliban

Formar Vice Presedent

Rohullah Saleh was the brother of Amrullah Saleh (former Afghan Vice President), and was a member the anti-Taliban coalition at Panjshir. He was killed by the Taliban.

According to the British news agency Reuters Amrullah Saleh’s nephew Ibadullah stated that “they killed my uncle.” They killed him yesterday, but we were not allowed to bury him. He said, “Let his corpse rot here.”

According to the Taliban Information Service’s Urdu account, Rohullah Salh was killed in Panjshir fighting.

Amrullah Saleh, currently on the run, is unknown whereabouts.

NRF, an anti-Taliban coalition, has stated that the Taliban have occupied Panjshir and it will continue to fight them.

Amrullah Saleh is the Afghan Vice President. He has been fighting Taliban in Panjshir Valley. His last tweet was on September 3rd. He denied reports that he fled the valley and said he was still with his soil. Are there to preserve its greatness?

Amrullah Saleh, in a column, wrote that he told his chief guard when he left Kabul to shoot him twice in the head if the Taliban inflict any wounds.

It is unknown where Amrullah Saleh is, now that the Taliban have declared Panjshir under their control.

There have been no reports that he has been reported missing in Panjshir since Friday. Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson, claimed that Amrullah Saleh fled to Tajikistan. This claim has not been confirmed or refuted.

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