Global warming A looming axe over our planet earth

Global warming A looming axe over our planet earth

Global warming is a serious environmental problem that is predicted to worsen in the future.

The name refers to the global warming trend of increasing average temperatures around the world over the last several decades. The underlying cause is climate change, which involves variations in Earth’s climate system beyond those caused by natural processes alone. Climate change can be attributed both to human activities, such as releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and to naturally occurring fluctuations in Earth’s orbit and axis.

The effects of global warming are already being felt. For example, more extreme weather events are becoming more common, including floods, droughts, and hurricanes. The world’s ecosystems are also changing as a result of increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and melting ice caps.

There is evidence that global warming is happening now and that it is caused primarily by human activities. Scientists agree that global warming will continue to increase in severity unless we take action to reduce our CO2 emissions. If left unchecked, global warming could cause major economic disruptions, social unrest, and even global war.

Global warming & the climate change

The Earth’s climate has always changed, but the changes we are seeing now are unprecedented in scope and pace. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an international body of scientists that has been working to provide scientific information about climate change for over 25 years. Their most recent report, released in 2007, found that human activities are responsible for most of the warming since the mid-20th century.

Earth’s temperature changes normally over time. But due to man-made sources of greenhouse gas emissions, the earth’s temperature is increasing continuously. Deforestation causes less accessibility of trees to assimilate CO2 and subsequently more CO2 within the climate coming about in more catching of the sun’s heat. The burning of fossil powers for a few needs such as transportation, and power is expanding the share of greenhouse gases within the atmosphere. Rising materialism is coming about in more and more production, which discharges greenhouse gases. Ever-increasing vehicle utilization is expanding fossil power usage.

Global warming is heating up of earth due to the presence of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions in the air. The greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat. Global warming nowadays is causing some unprecedented extreme weather conditions. Now the winters have become colder and summers are hotter than they used to be. And with conditions looming around natural disasters are occurring such as dry seasons, floods, droughts, etc.

More pollutants in the air have become a cause of different infections and diseases in people. People and even birds have started migrating to safer places because of the worst weather conditions. The melting of ice has increased the level of sea level causing some negative impacts on marine life.

These are definitely not good signs for our planet earth some necessary actions are to be taken not by some individuals or some particular countries but whole the world as a unit. Global warming has become an inevitable truth that is posing risk for future generations and all the living beings on our planet are at risk. We firstly have to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases as much as possible. The utilization of renewable energy like solar and wind energy are the substitutes for fossil fuels that increase the greenhouse gases in the environment. More and more trees are required because they are to absorb the CO2 and maintain the balance. Eco-friendly living is to encouraged among the people.

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