Hacking virus under the guise of cryptocurrency mining

Hacking virus under the guise of cryptocurrency mining

An error in computer programming language has put the world at risk of a new virus. The virus is targeting computer networks under the guise of cryptocurrency mining.

According to the British News Agency, the new computer virus Log4Shell has troubled cybersecurity experts around the world. Because this virus tries to hack the computer network 100 times every minute. Cybersecurity experts say the computer code, created by a flaw in Java programming, is currently targeting more than 40 percent of the world’s corporate networks.

U.S. officials say a security flaw, Log4shell, poses a “grave threat” to corporate networks around the world, and that the virus is being used by large-scale criminal gangs. Authorities say a solution has been issued to control the virus, but it needs to be implemented. The new virus has also affected popular applications and cloud services.

Cybersecurity company Sona Type claims that the virus is the result of an error in the code in the programming language Java’s Log4j, which is being used in computers running online services around the world.

The code has been downloaded 84 million times by the large public repository (computing system information) open source Java component. According to the security website Checkpoint, hackers can steal all your information on any system by sending an email with ‘Critical’, ‘Emergency’ or a specific address.

The virus was discovered last month by researchers at Chinese technology company Alibaba, but it was discovered after infecting Minecraft, a Java-based hosting service that received widespread public attention.

Jane Easter, director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, described the situation as “worrying” and said: “It’s clear that this poses a serious threat to computer networks around the world are posed.

Microsoft researchers say they have seen the use of Log 3Shell by hackers to hack into users’ computer systems by installing malicious cryptocurrency mining software and details of their logins and They are stealing passwords, while at the same time extracting data from the infected computer.

Cyber ​​security experts say keep your computer software and applications up to date to protect against this virus.

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