How did Omar Sharif become a comedy king?

Omar Sharif Comedy King

Omar Sharif’s real name was Muhammad Omar. He was born in Karachi on April 19, 1955. He was four years old when his father passed away. Omar Sharif became involved in theater as an actor at the age of just 14.

In an interview given to anchor Wasim Badami last year, he told an interesting story of becoming a stage actor that a stage drama by director Samad Yar Khan had only two hours left in the beginning and his key actors passed away due to the death of their loved one.

Tickets for the play were sold out and it was very difficult to choose a new actor in such a short time. In this situation, Samad Yar Khan’s assistant told about a boy who is seen sitting in the canteen of Adam G Hall every day, who keeps on robbing everyone with his brilliant jokes and imitations.

Sharif was two hours before the show, Omar Sharif was called and handed over in the make-up room with a bundle of papers in his hand saying that you have to be a jutshi. Won the hearts of the audience with his performances and when he left the stage, applause continued for a long time. 

On the last day of the show, 14-year-old Omar Sharif was awarded Rs 5,000, a 70cc motorcycle and a full year’s petrol for his outstanding performance in the play.

Omar Sharif was very impressed with Pakistani comedian Munawar Zarif and considered him as his spiritual teacher, so he followed in his footsteps and shaped his comedy.

Omar Shareef Comedy King

So in the beginning he used to write his name as Omar Zarif but then he added a suffix of Sharif to his name because he was impressed by the Egyptian actor who played the lead role in the Hollywood movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and also his name was Omar Sharif.

And then, in addition to acting in this field, he also proved his mettle as a writer and director. Omar Sharif wrote the scripts for more than 70 plays of which he was the author, director and actor himself and these plays set records of popularity. The most important thing that can be noticed in Omar Sharif’s comedy is that he always created comedy without script. 

He was a present minded person, his entire career was based on this ability and he inherited this ability from his parents because he used to communicate very well. Disguise was the drama in which Omar Sharif’s talent came to the fore and then ‘Badha Ghar Pe Hai’ and ‘Bakra Kastoon Pe’ gave him the popularity in Pakistan as well as in the entire subcontinent that Omar Sharif is the favorite comedian of the subcontinent.

Became The drama Bakra was so popular in installments that Omar Sharif made five parts of it. Omar Sharif also introduced the practice of recording stage plays for the first time. ‘Yes Sir Eid, No Sir Eid’ was Omar Sharif’s first drama to be video recorded.

Omar Sharif also ventured into the film industry and made films as well as worked in them, some of his notable films in which he directed and also wrote Mr. 420 (1992), Mr. Charlie (1993). ) And Miss Trouble Sim (1993).

His other films in which he only acted are: The Biggest Rupee, Hisab, Kundan, Family, Lot Sahib, Mastana Mahi, Actor, Bella Aashiq, Idol Breaker, Daughter, Miss Fitna, Nahladahla, Ghanda Raj, Chalti Ka Names include car, handcuffs and manufacturer.

Omar Sharif got married 3 times. His wives are Diba Omar, Shakeela Qureshi and Zareen Ghazal. He has only 2 sons from his first wife. He had one daughter. Omar Sharif has been awarded the National Award for Best Director and Best Artist.

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