How To Dry Wet Carpet After Flood Or Leakage?

dry wer carpet

Is your home in a place where it rains a lot? Is there any leakage in your home? Are you worried how to dry wet carpet? We have listed some solutions to dry wet carpet.

If water gets into your carpet due to rain or leakage, it is a big headache for you. Of course you would not like such an environment. You will want to get rid of such carpets. Because when water starts falling on them, their fiber starts to deteriorate and they start to create a foul odor. This can lead to many problems such as respiratory problems and many other diseases. It changes the look of your home. If water starts to fall on the carpets, they will turn into stains after a while. They need to get rid of quickly. These scars need to be removed quickly. As these stains begin to age, they become harder to clean. This is why you need a professional carpet cleaning company.

But the good news for you is that even if there is some moisture in your carpet, it can be easily removed. In this article we will explain how to dry wet carpet after flood or leakage.

Steps To Dry Wet Carpets

Absorb All Moisture

If your carpet has started to accumulate moisture, it can be easily removed. For this you need a thick towel. Place this thick towel on moisture and start walking on the towel. It will help to absorb moisture. Leave the towel on the moisture place for thirty minutes. This will completely remove moisture from the carpet.

Another method used for this is called wet vacuum. With the help of wet vacuum you can completely remove moisture from the carpet. Wet vacuum is easily available in the market or you can rent it. If your carpet is severely damaged, you need to contact a specialist who can easily restore it to its original condition.

Turn On Fans And Open Windows

Once the towel absorbs enough water from the carpet, you have to go through another stage. To dry it, you turn on the wings in the room and open the windows of the room so that the damp place in it can dry easily. Opening the windows will allow air to pass through it which will help to dry it out and remove the dirty smells in it.

Use Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is also used to control moisture and mold growth. If you live in a flooded area or where there is a leakage of water, Dehumidifier can help you a lot. This is also available in the market but you can rent it. The dehumidifier has many advantages, some of which are as follows.

  • It helps to reduce nasty odors.
  • It also helps to reduce dust mites and allergens.
  • Use dehumidifier when you want to remove moisture.
  • It helps to control moisture on furniture, curtains, bedsheets, carpets and clothes.

Use Baking Soda

Use of baking soda on carpets is also and effective technique. It is an effective process. When the towel absorbs enough water, apply baking soda to the wet area. Leave it for 30 minutes after spraying baking soda on wet area and then vacuum it properly. This will remove the dirty smell from the carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is also an effective technique. Steam cleaning is a high temperature process. In this method the temperature of the water is raised to a great extent which change it into steam. This steam is used to clean and dry wet carpets. In this technique all types of toxins can be removed easily. This is used by profession carpet cleaners. 


You need to clean your carpet before it starts to stink. If your carpets are in poor condition, you need a professional carpet cleaner. Squeaky Clean Team have professional and  expert staff. They provide their service in cheap rates. 

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