How will school children take exams now? important announcement

How will school children take exams now Shafqat Mahmood made an important announcement

We have not created any policy for examinations up to class VIII in schools, according to Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood, and it is up to the school administration to determine whether or not to take their examinations. “We recognize that there is only 4 months of instruction in schools,” Shafqat Mahmood remarked in response to the same question. “As a result, we have limited the curriculum to 30% and have opted to take examinations exclusively in optional topics.” It has also given pupils till July to prepare, reducing the pressure on them.

He went on to say that Cambridge had organized O-Level examinations in consultation with us, and that 75 percent of A2 students had taken the exams; now, we want A2 pupils to be able to attend universities with special authorization. I will be admitted, but only after their results will the final admission decision be made.

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