The transformation of high-touch to high-tech – A post-pandemic report

The transformation of high-touch to high-tech – A post-pandemic report

Therefore, the impact of COVID-19 has both positive and negative on all three perspectives of the organization, i.e. employee engagement, talent management, and organizational culture. Further, it has also been identified that the impact is expected to influence all three factors of organizational leadership and employment for a longer period of time. Because after completely vaccinating the people it will be quite challenging to bring talented employees and workers back to the previous routine to show their complete engagement in the work with adopting the same organizational culture. As it has been identified that people have now set the current working trends the “normal” to work remotely and engage virtually.

The transformation of high-touch to high-tech organizational culture is rapidly growing all around the globe. It has been identified that from global economics to social life, everything has been either directly or indirectly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Robotics and artificial intelligence have technically started rapidly replacing the human workforce at different organizations. The human-robot interaction has been used as a means to restrict the risk of human life involved in the possibility of interacting with impact of COVID-19. The leadership at hospitals, educational institutions, airports, transportation, and supply chain, recreation and sports, hotels, and communities, in general, have been replacing human-based jobs with AI-supported robots, autonomous vehicles, and even drones.

It has also been identified that several organizations have now asked their employees to work from home permanently including Twitter and Square. Because they think working from home is cost-effective, more collaborative, and more productive than coming and working from the offices. So, employees are now thinking to get normalizing this current working routine of working from home. So, COVID-19 will have some after-effects as well which can influence both perspectives positive as well as negative the employees’ engagement, talent management, and organizational culture around the globe.

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