Introducing Apple’s latest smartwatch with new features

Introducing Apple's latest smartwatch with new features

Apple, an American technology company, has launched the new smart watch i7 with brand new features.

International media reports that Apple’s new smartwatch has amazing features regarding health and fitness. The watch can tell you the blood pressure and body temperature.

The new smart watch i7 features a unique feature that monitors the wearer’s health and fitness. The new smartwatch has sensors that can measure blood pressure and temperature. The new Apple smartwatch will alert you if your heart rate is irregular. The smartwatch will play and send an email to the doctor.

Eye Watch Seven can also be used to check the length of your sleep and determine the time you should go to bed.

The smartwatch will also be able to monitor blood sugar and oxygen levels. This will alert the user in the event of a deficiency. Experts believe the iWatch Seven could offer hope to the 436 million worldwide diabetics.

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