Introducing virtual viewing of Black Stone

Introducing virtual viewing of Black Stone

The Black Stone, the sacred stone which is also called the stone of heaven and every Muslim wants to see it. Beyond desire, the fact is that not everyone is able to kiss or visit it, however, considering the love of Muslims for this stone, an excellent facility has been started. The Black Stone Administration has inaugurated the Black Stone Virtual Initiative.

During his inauguration of the “Virtual Black Stone Initiative”, President Sudais : “We have great religious and historical sites that we must digitize and communicate to everyone through the means of latest technologies” — Haramain Sharifain (@hsharifain) December 13, 2021

With the help of the Black Stone Virtual Initiative, Muslims will be able to see this stone very closely and in the best way. The main purpose of this facility is to fulfill the desire of every Muslim to kiss and feel this stone which is not possible for everyone in general. With this facility, an environment will be provided which will be very close to reality and with the help of which every Muslim’s dream will come true. Regarding the Black Stone Virtual Initiative, the management says that all the scenes of this stone have been created on the virtual system with the help of technology.

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