Katrina and Vicky’s wedding, what was in the food?

Katrina and Vicky's wedding

After months of speculation and more than enough media coverage, Katrina Kaif and Oroki Koshal have finally tied the knot. This was the priceless moment for their life and also people are wondering of Katrina and Vicky’s wedding food.

Katrina and Vicky married yesterday in a lavish ceremony at Fort Six Senses Fort in Rajasthan, but their followers are curious about what they wore, who the attendees were, and how they were humiliated.

Katrina and Vicky’s wedding food

A report in the Indian media claimed that the menu consisted of local food including kachoori, dahi bhale and chaat papri. Food was just like usual weddings Kebabs and fish. [food.ndtv.com]

Janata Jodhpur Sweet Home sent 10 types of sweets weighing 80 kg to Six Senses Fort Barwara. The famous foods of visitor Jodhpur, according to Arjun Upadhyay of Janata Jodhpur Sweet Home, were Mawa Kachuri and Gond Pak of Bikaner, while Gujarati Dhokla was also provided for breakfast.. At the turmeric ceremony, visitors were also fed samosas, kachori, and dhokla. Katrina and Vicky tied the knot at the wedding. Apart from the pictures, Virmamawa Kachori and Gond Pak, other sweets sent to the wedding venue including Mong Dal Barfi, Gujarati Baklaya, Cashew Pan, Choco Bite and others.

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