Microsoft to Shut Down Internet Explorer After 27 years

Microsoft to shut down internet explorer

The tech giant, Microsoft has announced to shut down one of company’s oldest products internet browser, Internet Explorer. After 27 years of long service, Internet Explorer is finally set to retire on June 15, 2022.

It was released in the year 1995 and has been with Windows since then but initially, it came as an add-on package for Windows version 95. After a while, Microsoft decided to provide the browser for free as a part of the package.

Internet Explorer in 2003 reached its apex with more than 95% usage, but just was not able to uphold its grip on that position and started declining considerably afterwards.

As far as the fast-moving internet world is concerned many different competitors started entering the browser market with their latest features which attracted all the internet users towards using their browser.

Those new internet browsers had more features like user-friendly interfaces, faster internet speed and smoother performance. Internet Explorer on the other hand seemed out of the race as it was not able to keep up with the competition.

It’s time for Microsoft Edge to take charge

Sean Lyndersay, program manager of Microsoft Edge said that the future of Internet Explorer lies on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 or so. Because Microsoft Edge is not only quicker but also more secure, and provides its users with the modern-day internet experience that Internet Explorer failed to provide.

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So now the contemporary Internet browser of Microsoft which is Microsoft Edge will substitute the Internet Explorer. Microsoft encouraged users to start using Microsoft Edge as it provides a faster and more secure internet experience. Microsoft further added that once you have chosen to move to Microsoft Edge, it’s very easy to bring all the browsing data including passwords, favourites and everything else. It’s just a few clicks away. In case you want to use Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Edge has a built-in mode for it to access.

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