A Muslim girl with hijab who competed with Hindu youth alone

A Muslim girl who competed with Hindu youth alone

A Muslim girl wearing a headscarf competed against Hindu teenagers on her own. As a result, a reward has been established for a Muslim girl from India who defied Hindu fundamentalists. The Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind has established a reward for this brave girl. The cash reward is INR 500,000.

Miskan Khan, a student at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, in Odupi, Karnataka, India, is the girl’s name. After being harassed in an Indian college by Hindu radicals. The Muslim princess remained silent and began singing Allah Akbar Allah Akbar shouts with zeal.

The incident took place. When she was about to submit her project and park her scooter (motorcycle) in the college parking lot. In an interview with the Indian press. Muskan claimed that Hindu fanatics attempted to stop her and made derogatory gestures at him.

t’s worth noting that a video of the incident from yesterday went popular on social media. It can be clearly seen in the video that as soon as the female was noticed. J. Shri Ram’s words were chanted by a bunch of extremists.

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