Omicron is spreading at the speed of light, French Prime Minister

Omicron is spreading at the speed of light

In France, more than 10% of newly confirmed cases of coronavirus are suspected to be infected with Omekron. The French president has said that this new variant of Corona is spreading at the speed of light across Europe. French Health Minister Olivier Vieran said on Saturday that more than 10 percent of the new cohorts in the country have actually contracted the new strain of the corona virus, Omecron, which is a cause for concern. He said that his administration was fully prepared to deal with this situation but the citizens would also have to play their role in this regard.

Defending sanctions Olivier Veran defended the strict travel restrictions, saying immediate action was needed to improve the situation. A new vaccine pass is being introduced in France next year, without which no citizen will be able to use restaurants and long-distance transportation. Under the current rules, access to most public places is possible with the latest negative code test.

The new plan was unveiled by Prime Minister Jean Costak on Friday, and has the support of a wide range of political parties. However, the public is expressing reservations about these strict rules. Meanwhile, medical experts have warned that if strict measures are not taken, Omicron can affect people on a large scale. On Friday, the Prime Minister of Costa Rica said that Omekron was spreading at the speed of light in Europe and in a few weeks it could become a major problem in France. He warned that all means would be used to control it. By next week, the French Ministry of Defense is expected to approve the vaccine for children between the ages of five and 11.

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