Option to send tweets to specific people at a time

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Twitter first featured a tool called Option to send tweets to certain persons at a specific time flat for sending selected tweets to specific groups or close friends, however it was later deactivated. Twitter is now experimenting with a new feature called flock or flock. This allows you to send targeted tweets to certain contacts, personal friends, and business groups. It’s also known as a community choice. However, this option is available to some people

For this you have to press the flock option and add your favorite people and give it a title. That way, when you tweet and click on a set of that name, tweets will reach all contacts. This can be a useful option for businesses and other groups. A flock can accommodate up to 150 people at a time. It will also include various posting options. This way, this private tweet will reach every elected person with a special symbol. According to analysts, this is similar to the Twitter reply control option that was introduced in 2020.

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