PTI supporters in USA hope to see their leader return with more powers

PTI supporters record protest in USA

Washington – USA | Hamariweb News Desk | 11 – April – 2022 | PTI supporters in USA gathered and protested peacefully outside the Brookfield Plaza in Northern Virginia in support of their loved skipper, former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s exit. They chanted, “Imran will return, with more powers”, “Unacceptable, unacceptable”.

The PTI supporters in USA chanted this when one of the journalists came across the protest and asked one of the protesters to know what is unacceptable to the crowd? The answer was recorded as they want this turn and unturn of the old Pakistan to be unacceptable.

Spontaneous protests are going on all over the world against the slogan, “No to the imported government in Pakistan”. Clear frustration and anger can be seen in public throughout the ongoing protests.

It was learned that PTI supporters in USA came out of their houses to record the protest without any pre-preparation. Because it was seen that there were very few party flags, banners, and poster cards available during the protest. Clear frustration and anger were found in the crowd against the so-called imported government.

One of the protesters was asked their opinion and he replied that the court and all forces who are against the Khan are playing wrong and they are backed by foreign propaganda. Others told that they do not doubt that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will return with more power and aggression along with a new team.

Imran Khan
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan – Imran Khan – file Photo

The crucks of the protest were providing clear gestures that the majority of the Pakistani-Americans are behind Khan (skipper). As one of the supporters told journalists that there is a truth in Imran Khan’s claim. The first rally in Washington DC brought a record crowd that people have never seen before related to any issue of Pakistan and its politics.  

PTI supporters in USA also told them they will start expanding their circle of protest until their leader tightens all traitors of Pakistan in the circle of justice.

In the protest, people were found careful while talking about the Imran Khan’s claim of involvement of US as part of a foreign conspiracy and regime change to unseat him. They do not want to talk about regime change or foreign conspiracy, rather, they just wanted not to see turning new Pakistan into that old one.

“We’re Pakistanis and at the same time Americans as well,” said one of the protestors. Another PTI supporter in USA said that “we love both. So, we can’t condemn either.”

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