The current huge drop in prices failed to resist Cryptocurrency mining – Why?

Rise of Cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency mining is still rising and it seems that investors have still got big confidence after an unprecedented loss in its prices overall. Looking at the facts, the sudden drop of Luna and UST shook the market upsitdown. But, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of other digital currencies are still being traded and mined at a large scale by their respective investors and institutions. This is despite the fact that their prices have dropped by more than 50% in recent months. The reason for this is that people continue to believe that these currencies will continue to grow in value.

Bitcoin and Ethereum miners are rewarded with cryptocurrency, which varies in value compared to traditional currencies, thus although mining expenses are expected, revenue is not. Bitcoin’s price was over £50,000 on November 8 last year, but it was little less than half that on May 15 this year, at £24,244. Ethereum miners have also proved to be resistant to price drops. Ethereum has dropped from £3567 to £1647 over the same period.

There are a number of people who are still investing in digital currencies despite their price falls. This is because they believe that cryptocurrencies have a future. The opinion of industry experts is that this is because digital currencies have a number of advantages over traditional forms of money.

Cryptocurrency mining continues to consume increasing amounts of computer power despite the huge price drops seen in recent months. Industry experts are of the opinion that this is because people continue to believe in digital currencies and their future.

Miners of currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum are rewarded with cryptocurrency which fluctuates in value. This means that miners can make a profit even if the value of their currency falls by a significant amount.

The popularity of digital currencies is also attributed to the fact that they are safe from government interference. This is because digital currencies are not backed by any physical assets. This makes them immune to inflation and other economic problems.

Artist Kyle McDonald, who uses cryptocurrencies in his work and has previously published research on the energy use of Ethereum, says that a reduction in the price of a coin should lead to a reduction in mining, but that this can happen over longer timescales. “Right now, despite the dip in price, we’re not seeing any unusual dip in hashrate,” he says.

Further, he added, “There is a slight downward trend right now in Bitcoin, but not outside of usual variability. In another week we may be able to see if miners are consistently turning off some of their rigs, which would indicate that they are operating on narrow profit margins.”

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