Shah Rukh attended Lataki’s last rites, is accused

Shah Rukh attended Lataki's last rites

Shah Rukh attended Lataki’s last rites, is accused. Legendary Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar passed away yesterday at the age of 92.

Mourning was witnessed all over India. On this occasion but Shah Rukh attended Lataki’s rites of the singer had to face a different situation.

News of Lata’s demise became a top trend on social media. And her fans all over the world expressed deep sorrow and grief. Her last rites were performed with full honors.

Faces were also present. A video clip went viral on social media in which Shah Rukh and his manager. Are standing close to each other.

Shah Rukh, who was praying, then took off his mask and blew on Karmat. Which was given a different color by those belonging to the right wing.

Journalist and nationalist Cherobhat, while sharing the video clip, wrote, ‘What kind of culture is this? Shah Rukh was seen spitting on the body of Koltadi.

Ern Yadav, who belongs to the Indian ruling party BJP, also raised the same question in his tweet. While such accusatory tweets have surfaced in Bollywood, many users, including Indians. Have pointed out to this unique logician. That in fact Shah Rukh Khan was reading and blowing on the body of Lata Mangeshkar.

Aishe (ঐaishi) (aishe_ghosh) February 6, 2022 Lata Mangeshkar. Popular in India to the extent of worship, was awarded the country’s third major civil award in 1969. By the government, Badma Bhashan, the second major civil award Padma Vibhushan in 1999 and In 2001, Bharat Ratna was awarded the highest honor.

The Indian government has announced two days of national mourning for the death of Lata Mangeshkar, during which the national flag will remain unfurled.

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