Shahrooz and Sadaf’s new statement about shoe lifting goes viral

Shahrooz and Sadaf's new statement about shoe lifting goes viral

Social media has been abuzz with discussion about Sadaf Kanwal and Shahrooz Sabzwari‘s recent statement on picking up shoes.

Sadaf Kanwal, Shahrooz Sabzwari’s husband, joined Ahsan Khan K recently. Criticized this statement.

Sadaf Kanwal stated that people asked her how she could iron her husband’s clothes or pick up his shoes. “Where did this modern thing come from?” Sadaf stated, “This is my love for my wife and I will always take good care of it.”

Shahrooz Sabzawari, Sadaf Kanwal’s husband, accompanied Sadaf Kanwal on this occasion and stated that Sadaf Kanwal is my wife and my life partner. Sadaf Kanwal explained that I do my husband’s work because I love him. I didn’t ask any other women to do his work or take off my husband’s shoes.

You may recall that Sadaf Kanwal, a former journalist, had stated in an interview that a husband should be in a high-ranking position. Our culture is our husbands. Shahrooz is my husband, so if he needs me to lift his shoes or iron clothes, that’s what I will do.

Sadaf Kanwal’s statements regarding his views were criticized by some, but some others praised him.

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