Sidhu moose wala was shot dead – latest update

Sidhu moose wala was shot dead

Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu was an Indian actor who was named Sidhu moose wala after her stage performances. He was a singer, rapper, singing writer, and actor associated with Punjabi music and Punjabi cinema.

He was shot dead this Sunday, 29 May 22 by an unknown target killing propaganda in Punjab’s Mansa district. The tragic death of the singer has left everybody in shock. He was a famous Punjabi singer and people were jamming to his songs away too much these days.

Police have been working hard to find out the facts and figures behind the murder. It is also seen that some opposition political parties were involved as he was the emerging face in the political field lately. Police have been successful in detaining five people from Dehradun on suspension for their involvement in the murder.

It has also been so found out that the murderer of Sidhu moose wala has used a car with has number plate of Scorpio on their bolero car. The scorpion owner is from Ferozepur.

His fans and families are in great shock and grief right now. His fans are sending condolences to the departed soul in this tragic scenario. Fans are looking forward to getting this case sorted out by the police on time and justice is served to the family of the departed soul.

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