Successful experiment with a plastic waste rocket

Successful experiment with a plastic waste rocket

A British company has successfully completed the first test of a rocket engine powered by plastic waste. The Bleacher-based nuclear fusion firm Pulsa Fusion conducted successful experiments at the Defense Ministry’s Military Base COTEC in Salisbury from November 17-18.

According to Pulsa Fusion, plastic-powered rocket engines can be used for a variety of purposes, including sending people and satellites into space.
The firm aims to build a hyper-speed propulsion engine for interplanetary travel using nuclear fusion technologies that will halve the time it takes to travel to Mars.

The firm is currently working on a prototype of a nuclear fusion reactor to make hot plasma from the surface of the sun. Last week’s experiments found a series of specific waves that typically emit high-temperature rockets. “Pulsa is one of the few companies in the world that is building and experimenting with these technologies,” said Richard Denn, CEO of the company. We have a team of great scientists who have a wealth of experience to thank for this milestone.

“We’ve got talent from top UK universities who started working and tested our plasma thrusters at campus facilities,” he added.
The Pulsar Fusion’s rocket engines are hybrids. “Hybrid engines can only run on recycled plastic, not liquid engines,” Dannon said. They are very clean in terms of pollution.

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