Clearview Al was fined for illegally storing facial images

Clearview Al Technological company

Facial recognition technology is growing increasingly popular, with companies using it to identify people in photos and videos. This type of technology can be particularly powerful, as it can identify people even if they are wearing a disguise. It is used in Clearview Al company. Clearview Al is the latest company to face scrutiny for its use of facial recognition technology. Earlier this year, Facebook was fined $5 billion by the US’s privacy regulator for improperly collecting data from millions of users.  The company gathers images from the internet to…

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What is Edge computing and why you must need to know about it?

What is Edge computing?

Cloud computing, which was formerly considered a cutting-edge technological trend, has now gone mainstream, with major companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform dominating the industry. As more organizations transition to a cloud solution, cloud computing use continues to rise. However, it is no longer a new technology trend. Edge computing is the use of computing resources near the user, rather than in centralized data centres. These resources can be located on devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, or even embedded in physical objects…

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The launch of Standard Chartered Bank’s cohort 4 programme SCWomeninTech

SCWomeninTech initiative by SCB

Karachi | 18 May 2022 | Hamariweb news desk | Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in the collaboration with INNOVentures Global (Pvt.) Limited has launched a cohort 4 programme named SCWomeninTech. SCWomeninTech is a tech initiative by SCB aimed to empower women and help Pakistan address gender disparity in the technology sector. Standard Chartered Women in Technology will also help women to learn to use the technology so that to face emerging social challenges they’re facing in recent times related to gaining excellence in the entrepreneurship activities and initiatives that they…

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Currency Rate Discrepancy: An Unforeseen Fact

Currency Rate Discrepancy

Exchange rates are governed by the demand or preferences for other nations’ assets and the effects of new countries’ commodities. It should all boil down to supply and demand or, more correctly, the economic factors that are linked to supply and demand, such as population size, occupation, consumption, output, and GDP. Knowing specific changes in currency fractions may not be let go with all of this. This is because it is an undeniable truth that puts enormous strain on global trade. has created a free fraction calculator to account…

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What is Performance-Related Pay – The pros and cons of PRP?

What is Performance-Related Pay

Performance-related pay, or pay for performance is another tool to be used for the motivation of individuals (employees). I used word individuals because it always related to the individual’s concerns and disregard the element of the team or working together for mutual benefits. Every new technique has been developed to update and make the system fair, easy, and creative. So, all these techniques possess pros and cons. Here I will share some of the pros and cons for performance-related pay which I know so far. The pros (advantages) of performance-related…

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China looking to collect samples from silver sphere’s far side

Silver sphere's far side of moon

Chinese astronauts, researchers, and engineers are considering collecting the data and samples from the far side of the moon by sending their robotic probes. The robotic probes will collect rocks and dust from the silver sphere’s far side, which never faces Earth. The deputy director of the China National Space Administration, Wu Yanhua, claimed that Russia, US, and China have previously successfully managed to bring lunar substances back to earth. But, now it is the first time that China is looking forward to moving one step ahead to explore and…

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What is AIDA framework and how does it work?

Short explanation of AIDA framework

AIDA framework is a marketing framework that helps in understanding and managing the customer’s buying process. The acronym AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The framework describes the sequence of events that typically occur when a customer is considering a purchase. The framework can be used to manage marketing activities and track the progress of potential customers through the buying process. The following is a description of the four steps in the AIDA framework: 1. Attention: The first step in the AIDA framework is Attention. This involves attracting…

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These three metaverse coins you must need to watch this year

metaverse coins

It’s been more than a year that people have rebounded from the COVID19’s punch. People are now working hard to recoup what they lost in last two to three years. In a stunning change of events, investors this year used just about every disadvantage and setback to their advantage as they boldly explored new investment routes to a world of opportunity. While cryptocurrency and bitcoin may be used to make purchases, most people consider it a long-term investment. However, because cryptocurrency is volatile, it’s crucial to understand before investing what…

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How To Speed Up Your Website: The Ultimate Guide

website speed Metrix

If your website is loading slowly, it’s costing you money. In today’s digital age, when people expect websites to load in a snap, a slow website is a major liability. According to Kissmetrics, 47 percent of people expect a website to load in two seconds or less, and 40 percent will leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load. What is website speed? Website speed is the time it takes for a web page to load. Page speed is a ranking factor for Google, and slow-loading pages…

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Amazon drone deliveries program finding ways to work-out

Amazon drone deliveries program

Amazon has spent a significant budget and put the multi-million worth of employees’ efforts, but, the dream of the Amazon drone delivery program yet struggles to take off the grounds. Bloomberg has reported that Amazon’s drone delivery program has been facing obstacles and they are now hampering the efforts of the company to get their program off the grounds. During all these efforts, Amazon has faced a significant amount of employees turnover rate along with the potential safety risks that have made things complex for management to take things on…

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