Techniques to Study Effectively

Techniques to Study Effectively

Exams, tests, quizzes, and a teacher asking questions in the class and points at you to answer that question. These are some of the challenges a student has to face in the academic life. And of course, this is a part of a student’s learning process.

But, one who studies effectively and efficiently knows how to win in these sorts of situations. How do those students do it? What is the difference between them and the others who fail in doing so? Do they have some sort of magic trick or a pill that they take with water and they become genius all of a sudden? This is going to be discussed comprehensively in this article.

Way of reviewing Books by Students

A student spends a lot of time revising all the notes and books. Even after spending a lot of time and putting in so much effort, they do less than their actual capabilities. Because they are not doing it in the right way. Cramming all the information as much as they can remember theories with old traditional methods is definitely not a good idea. We are living in the modern world and science and research have some of the observations by the experts have proven the news methods are effective for a student to ace their exams.

The psychology literature tells us about an idea of a ‘forgetting curve’ that simply tells us about the whole story. The forgetting curve is a concept that says that with the passage of time we start to forget things at an exponential rate.

How can we break this cycle of forgetting curve? As it is one of the reasons students tend to forget information. Student have also to remember information and retain it for an extensive period.

We, here in this article, are going to look at two of the most effective methods. These methods are already proved to be effective. These methods can assists students perform better in class and student can do well in the exams. They can therefore answerer the teacher in the class, and responding the quizzes that are thrown at them.

The two finest techniques

1 Active Recall

Active recall is a method that is commonly known as the most working method for students. This method is famous because it assists students in memorizing information, ideas, and concepts. Students have to try forcing themselves of rereading the material, again and again, to memorize the information and concepts on the spot. Studies have shown that students who use active recall as a method to memorize remember more than that those who don’t use the active recall method. You actually test yourself just after memorizing the concept on the spot, check it by testing yourself. It’s a way to tell your brain to recall the information that you just memorized and then check whether you give the right answer to it.

For this purpose, you can use flashcards. Putting a term on one side of the flashcard and the concept about that term on the backside of that flashcard. These days many flashcard applications are available on the internet and some of those applications make it more fascinating to use Quizlet or even Anki flashcards are among those applications. Or you can even search for quizzes on the internet about the particular topic or subject you want to practice on.

2 Spaced Repetition

Now that we know that a method to memorize information is active recall. But the question that pops up in our mind is, is there any particular way or technique to make the most of the active recall method. There actually is a method that has proved to be one of the best to use with active recall and that is spaced repetition.

Spaced repetition is as the name suggests doing the active recall with spacing by reviewing the information again and again with an increment of time. You can do this by using an algorithm that is built according to your limited time. This simply means the information that you have learned will be reviewed less according to the algorithm and the information that you are finding difficult to memorize will be reviewed more often.

Spaced repetition is completely the opposite of cramming as cramming might help you to pass the test but this could hinder your long-term learning which actually is the main objective of the learning journey of any student.

Some applications on the internet that make it easier to use active recall that can be done with spaced repetition too. Quizlet is one of the applications that provide just the same thing.

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