The great achievement of scientists, smart T-Shirt that monitors the heartbeat

Smart T Shirt that monitors the heartbeat

Modern technology is constantly improving our lives.

The world of technology is abuzz with new information. American scientists have created a smart T shirt that monitors your heartbeat. International media reports that T-shirts were made by American scientists using flexible ear nanofibers.

Experts believe that smart T-shirts not only monitor heartbeats but keep a record for hours. Smart shirts are a significant achievement in medical science.

Smart T-shirts are a way to overcome major problems and make people aware of potential problems, such as heart disease. In collaboration with researchers at Rice University, it took 2 years to create a smart shirt.

The report states that scientists created a thread by wrapping flexible and thin cabin fibers up until a nanometer in thickness. This thread was then used to make shirts.

Three bundles of 7 carbon fibers, each less than 22 micrometers thick, were used at the microscopic level to create the thread. The thread was then sewn with a smart shirt, and worn by a volunteer. Researchers described the electrical conductors to be comfortable and durable. The volunteer who wore a smart shirt for first time didn’t feel uncomfortable despite continuous heartbeat monitoring.

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