Oman almost had to wave ‘Good bye’ to the World Cup Hosting

Oman Cricket Board Say Good Bye to Hosting world cup t20

Oman Cricket Board chairman Pankaj Khamji has said he could have said goodbye to hosting the T20 World Cup due to the devastation caused by the storm in the Gulf state. According to a report by a foreign correspondent, the Emirates Stadium near Muscat will host six Group B matches, three of which are for the Omani team. Oman Cricket Chairman Pankaj Khamji said, “We are very fortunate that Oman survived the worst of the cyclone. We were practically on the verge of extinction.”The hurricane was just a few nautical miles north of Oman, it landed there and destroyed the whole area and caused flooding on land. If it had been in that area I would have said goodbye to the T20 World Cup. ۔While some campuses were uprooted by the storm, organizers were happy to see At field turn green after heavy rains.”We had about 3 to 4 inches of rain and it made the land more lush, it looks even more beautiful now and it washed away all the dirt and sand,” he said.

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