The reason for the continuity in the excellent performance is the attitude of Babar Azam, Shadab Khan

The reason for the continuity in the excellent performance is the attitude of Babar Azam

Shadab Khan, the vice-captain of the cricket team, has said that the performance of the team has continued due to the attitude of captain Babar Azam. Shadab Khan said that making decisions like Babar Azam is a sign of a good leader. Babar Azam is supporting everyone in good times and bad. That is why his attitude made the team a unit. Found and every player is moving forward to perform.

“Consultants Matthew Hayden and Vernon Flanders have been a great help to the team. Hayden is a big name. In a short time, they have tried to make it stronger. I think the team needs batting and bowling coaches,” he said. As well as the physio and trainer are necessary for the team.

The league spinner said that the losers in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup must have learned a lot, gained momentum from the T20 World Cup and became a unit, which is why all formats in Bangladesh (T20 and Test) Won matches.

Shadab Khan said that there are fluctuations in the performance of the players, we are the team but we are the family first, the way we support each other in the family, the same way we support each other, win and lose. It’s not about the player, it’s about the whole team, that’s what we explain to each other. Vice-captain Shadab Khan said that coach

Saqlain Mushtaq established the tradition of hoisting the flag on the ground. The green crescent flag reminds us that we have to play for our beloved country for which our elders have made great sacrifices. Has mobilized everyone.

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