Top 5 Countries to visit in 2022

Are you planning your next vacation? Fortunately you are here to see the best Top 5 Countries to visit in 2022.

Will this be the place you have already visited (and loved) or the brand new destination? You have our selected lists of the top ten countries in the world.

Top 5 Countries to visit 2022 in the world

United Arab Emirates

The UAE has become synonymous with city breaks and family holidays. With easy access from all over the world, it is not surprising that this country has become a reference point for tourists from all over the world.

The high-tech cities of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are the center of attention for many visitors.

It is impossible not to indulge in luxuries like Dubai Mall, Festival City Mall and Yas Mall. But beyond these high shopping streets, there is plenty of heritage to explore in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Visitors will find many trekking opportunities in the prosperous Hajar Mountains.


This aspiring country of Southeast Asia Thailand is an interesting blend of modern and vibrant cities, peaceful and traditional villages, and the ancient coast behind it.

When you travel south from Chiang Mai to Kirby, everything from landscaping to food changes radically, as if you are experiencing two different countries in one.

The northern part of the country is more dedicated to temples and shrines scattered in lush mountains with powerful waterfalls and hidden caves.

On the other hand, the Malay Peninsula in the south is hidden by tropical islands and beach resorts such as Phi, Phang Nga and Phuket. Bangkok’s Grand Palace, Morat in Trat, Mo Chang National Park and Ayutthaya Historical Park are some of the many attractions to visit.


With state-of-the-art skyscrapers, well-developed tourist attractions and delicious food, Singapore has become one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Modern with a touch of culture and heritage, this city has something to offer all kinds of travelers in the state.

The famous marine baysands and gardens along the bay make the country’s skyline one of the most attractive in the world. Fans of plants and animals will enjoy the Botanical Gardens, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari.

Singapore is a shopper’s paradise, having a great time on Orchard Road, Chinatown Street Market or View City.


Great White North is also a great place to spend your next vacation. From metropolitan cities like Toronto and Vancouver to the ancient natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, Canada has it all.

The most famous tourist destination in the country is the amazing Niagara Falls. A 20-minute ride on the mast boat is a classic way to experience the splendor of Maid Falls, but remember to wear waterproof shoes and gear.

Canada is also the ultimate destination for snow sports lovers, and you can quench your thirst for skiing and dog sledding in Alberta and Quebec. Another place to add to your itinerary is the cultural capital of Montreal, with all its old world charms.


Turkey’s attention comes from its various landscapes, turquoise water, jaw-dropping architecture.

Located in the bare center of three continents, it is an extraordinary mix of European, African and Asian cultures.

Hagia Sophia, the eighth wonder of the world, and the adjoining Topkapi Palace are a must-see in any travelogue of Turkey. Room around the ancient ruins of Ephesus and Herapolis, and then relax on the hot springs of Pamukle.

Ride a hot air balloon for a spectacular aerial view of the lunar landscape in Cappadocia.


Greenland’s icy wonder world is famous for its georges, icebergs and glaciers. The scenery of the country, especially in the Elliot Ice Ford and Disco Bay areas, makes it the dream destination of any photographer.

Even if you are not a photographer, Greenland has a lot to offers for you.

Whale watching is a must here and tours usually start in cities like Qakir Tarsuwak, Novak and Asiat. If you are ready to be patient enough, you can also take the Aurora Lights Tour.

And if you’ve ever been curious about Vikings, don’t miss the National Museum, where you can see their hunting gear, kayaks, sculptures and artifacts.

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