An easy way to turn a computer into an Android phone

turn a computer into an Android phone

With the advent of Android, the use of laptops and desktop computers for many tasks has almost disappeared, with both having to rely on third-party applications to use them together. Which is also a security threat but now you can work on the computer as well as enjoy your favorite Android application. New updates released by Microsoft Windows allow users to access Android applications on their computers. This new feature is presented with a lot of bright prospects for the future, but today we will tell you how to install Android apps in Windows 11.

What are the requirements of your system for installing Android?

Virtualization must first be enabled in your computer’s hardware if you want to enjoy your favorite applications on your computer. Windows 11 basically uses a virtual machine to run the Android app. To find out if your computer is enabled for virtualization, go to the Performance tab in the Task Manager. If this feature is not enabled then you need to enable Intel VT-X’s UEF firmware (BIOS) in your computer. If your system is equipped with an AMD processor, then try to find AMD-V in the UEF firmware settings screen. Also, make sure you have the latest version of the Microsoft Store. For the Android app, you need to have Microsoft Store version 22110.1402.6.0 installed on your computer and if it is not, you can update it by going to the ‘Library’ page.

Note that Windows 11 supports the Android app through the Amazon App Store. If you wish, you can install these applications from either Amazon App Store or Microsoft Store. After completing all the steps mentioned above, follow the instructions below. Open the Microsoft Store (if it is not pinned on the taskbar, you can also open it by typing Microsoft Store in the Start menu.) Search for your desired Android app. When done, go to the Start menu and open it. If you wish, you can also pin this app on the taskbar like Windows app. How to uninstall the Android application in Windows 11:

Open the Start menu from the taskbar. Type the name of the application you want to uninstall. After finding the app tile, right click on it. In the dialog box that opens on the screen, select Uninstall from the various options. You can install and uninstall your favorite Android app without worrying about.

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