What happened to Shahid Kapoor during the shooting of the movie ‘Jersey’?

Shahid Kapoor during the shooting of the movie 'Jersey'

It has been revealed that the actor was injured during Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s sports film ‘Jersey’ and later got 25 stitches on his face. Prior to its release, the filmmakers shared the actor’s journey during the making of the film. In fact, while batting on the field without a helmet, Shahid Kapoor suffered severe facial injuries during the shooting. It can be seen in BTS that Shapid Kapoor, like an expert cricketer, looked so passionate about batting that he got seriously injured. According to the Hindustan Times, Shahid Kapoor was severely injured when the ball hit him during the shooting and he received 25 stitches around his lips.

The shooting of Shahid Kapoor’s film was also stopped for several weeks due to his recovery. The video shows that Shahid Kapoor was bleeding profusely and he was holding his lips to stop the bleeding. Drops of blood can also be seen on his T-shirt and handkerchief in the video. The actor and his team could not estimate the seriousness of the injury and when the bleeding did not stop, someone suggested ‘go to the doctor’. Shahid Kapoor had recently said in a video shared on Instagram about the incident, “My strongest memory in Jersey will be that I felt like I would never look the same again.”

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) The first part of the video shows the film being made before the corona virus because the shooting started 2 years ago. In the second part, the staff is seen wearing masks, clearly pointing out how the world changed during that time. The film is directed by Gautam Tinanurine and produced by Aman Gill, Dil Raju and S. Naga Wamsi. The cast of the film ‘Jersey’ also includes Marunal Thackeray, Shahid Kapoor’s father Pankaj Kapoor and Ront Kamra. It is a Hindi remake of the Telugu film of the same name and will be released on December 31 this year.

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