What is Abortion – The impact & benefits of Abortion in society

What is Abortion

Abortion is the deliberate medical process of ending a pregnancy. In simple words, Abortion can be defined as the termination of pregnancy. There are many reasons which are why women decide to go for an abortion. Abortion serves as the purpose for females to get rid of pregnancy because women don’t want to be responsible for their actions or they don’t want babies. Abortion is a controversial subject in which people have different opinions according to the society they live in. However, over years, People have changed their views regarding Abortion and have adopted the changes.

Impacts of abortion on society

The existence of abortion in society is a good thing. Have we considered what would happen if there was no concept of abortion? Society would face a breakdown. We can’t really force women to give birth to a child who was unwanted? This is the main controversy, many countries take it as a crime too, but this isn’t actually. Killing a child before birth is not a crime; it’s for something good actually. Have we ever thought about that child? How that child was actually born, there are many factors to consider actually.

The woman who is pregnant can be a victim of rape, a woman’s life can be at risk, parents can’t afford a baby etc. If we consider these reasons abortion doesn’t actually look like a crime. If we think about a woman who forcefully gives birth to a child for which she wasn’t actually ready, Will she treat her child well? Will society give that child respect if that child has no father? If the child is not treated well by the parents that a child’s life will be totally disturbed which sometimes leads to suicidal attempts. This is why modern society has adopted positive thinking related to abortion.

Benefits of abortion for a family

Legal abortion has great benefits for the family. Firstly, Mother gets to avoid any health risks that are associated with carrying the baby to full term. If a woman isn’t prepared for the pregnancy, The unwanted forced pregnancy can lead to physically/mental disturbance. In some cases, where the family’s financial condition is very low, they can’t afford a baby (Its expenses and living costs), In this case, the family has an advantage.

It’s tough for a mother to give birth to a child who reminds her of an act that she doesn’t want to think about. So these are such benefits of abortion for a family, A family should think of the child first who is coming into this world, Will he/she be respected? That is the main question which should be focused on. So abortion is the best option in this case and it is good for the family if they don’t want the child considering the social life, respect, financial constraints, and many more factors.


I would conclude considering the above argument that in simple words some pregnancies are the waste of time, Time is valuable, and this is what anti-life crowd refuses to understand. Life is so short, why don’t we live it the way we want to? So this is why make most of every day and have few regrets. If abortion is the best option, a woman should get one.

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