What is Punjab Land Record Android App? And how it benefits you

Punjab Land Record Android App interface

Punjab Land Records Authority is the Punjab Government’s firm that is given the responsibility for land registration. It was set up under the administrative control of the Board of Revenue in the place of the Patwari culture in Punjab. There are mobile applications designed to provide the digital record of all types of land registries registration data.

About the Digital-PLRA app:

Digital-PLRA mobile application is developed by Punjab Land Records Authority. The app is providing wide-ranging computerization of all sorts of registries manually preserved registration data being performed at the sub-registrar office. Access the app on your mobile phone with the latest jazz internet packages. The aim of this project is to remove the possibilities of any anticipated frauds, and any ill-practices throughout the registration process and bring in efficiency, speed, consistency, and corruption-free facility. The automated process is a very hopeful enhancement of the ARC. The deeds registry incorporated processes guarantee the records of both systems are in sync together with the security of the transactions on the basis of authentic data.

Punjab has a total area of 205,345 square kilometres and is the most populated province of Pakistan with 80.5 million inhabitants (55.6% of Pakistan’s total population). In Punjab province, greater transaction expenses and difficulties related to the land records system continue to enforce substantial harm on landowners and prospective landowners, mainly the meagre, who have little holdings and are unaware of information or resources, making them susceptible to the greedy behaviour of middlemen, and sinking the liquidity of family possessions composed in whole or in part of the land.

As land is a kind of investment, present problems for documenting and imposing land rights have the effect of decreasing proceeds from those assets through ways like cultivation, sale, rent, or access to other factors (such as credit). Moreover, Well-defined and unambiguous land rights are crucial for product development and factor market functioning. Also, clear land rights have extensive implications for social consistency and governance, playing a major role as a catalyst in stabilizing communities, enabling individuals, and decreasing social exclusion.

Headquarters of PLRA

The Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA) had initiated the development of Express Counters for people to reserve their space at the Faisalabad Land Record Centre even before their visit. Comparable counters will be established at other divisional headquarters in Gujranwala, Multan, Lahore, DG Khan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, and Sahiwal.

To avail of the service of PLRA, just call the authority helpline to obtain the advance booking. For acquiring Fard (ownership document) via express counters; the processing fee is set as Rs1, 500 whereas the transfer processing fee is Rs5, 000. Both the fees will be supplementary to the current charges. In the duration between 3 pm to 7 pm, counters are available and the Land Record director and the officer remain on duty within this time period to verify the requisite procedures. Also, you can find the land records on your smartphone with Zong internet packages.

Fard (for the record) from nearby Nadra E-Sahulat-Center

Fard (for the record) can be obtained within just five minutes from the nearest Nadra E-Sahulat-Center Fard (for the record) service is operative from Nadra E-Sahulat-Centers of Multan, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, and Okara. Fard (for the record) could be recovered by giving only an additional Rs.100 from any of the 655 Nadra E-Sahulat-Centers of these five districts.

Earlier this year, Punjab Land Record Authority made an agreement with NADRA, according to the agreement 3700 E-Sahulat Centers of NADRA would give Fard (for the record) all over the Punjab province. This facility would be made fully serviceable from the province within a month’s time. Providing Fard (for Record) from E-Sahulat Centers would decrease, as high as, 82 % burden from ARCs. Pay online for e-sahulat service with Ufone internet packages.

PTI government and land records

In spite of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s pledge to eradicate the traditional patwari system, the federal government’s real estate body was not as much interested in digitizing land records rather it worked hard for making the land acquisition procedure fairer and preferred to use a 19th-century law for this purpose. The accountability campaign of ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan-led to the elimination of land mafias and the patwari system, according to view, preserves a culture of corruption.

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However, instead of leading by example, the entity accountable for the provision of housing to government officials, mostly acquired land through patwaris, as the principles laid down in the Land Acquisition Act of 1894. In this regard, a former officer of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) said the body has not intended the computerization of its procedures or digitization of records as the manual processes gave more benefits.

Last year, the Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) finalized the automation of the complete records of all the nine land registration divisions of the Lahore district. The record of land transformation and property activities of the registration branches since 1947 were automated to restrain the role of dominant mafias responsible for making false entries in the official data.

The government worked extensively and the Lahore district was divided into nine registration operational branches under the land revenue wing of the deputy commissioner’s office. The scanning and survey of the registration deeds of property mutations in Lahore were launched by the PML-N government during its last tenure and almost the majority of the work was finalized in 2017-18.

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