Zara faces backlash over shoe advertisement

Zara faces backlash

Zara is a Spanish clothing apparel company, which is under scrutiny these days because of showcasing its shoes stacked on bread and other edibles.

Buyers on social media have condemned this act, as it disgraces the food which is a symbolic role in the Abrahamic religions.

Others also called boycott because of the wasting of food in their shoe photograph advertisement.

The Twitter users took to social media ‘with ongoing food crises around the world and hunger still existing in some countries, Zara, a famous brand, has published an advertisement that disrespects bread’

There are certain other photographs on Zara website containing ice creams, jellies, coinfections etc are over the shoes, which shoes none other than disrespect for shoes.  

Hashtags #boycottzara and #zarahaddinibil have been trending on social media since then.

Zara faces backlash in Türkiye

Turkish people have a habit of picking up bread from the ground, kissing it three times, and putting it on their forehead to show respect.

Using the widely circulated hashtag, Turkish actress Yıldız Tilbe took to Twitter to denounce and criticize Zara Turkey’s advertising campaign. “May Allah not grant you a crumb of that bread,” she tweeted.

Zara Turkey eventually removed the pictures from its website but did not issue any statement to address the online campaign.

One of the Netizens has also added that It’s not a fashion or a style. Such a product cannot be promoted when millions of people are struggling with hunger. Bread is sacred. It was your brand value that was trampled underfoot.

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